What we're all about!


Welcome to Utah’s one and only Premier Burger Bus! Here at the Rocky Mountain Burger Bus we take ourselves seriously enough to know that it’s okay to laugh at the little things now and then. Most of the time however we are all about grinding the best cuts of beef to ensure incredible flavor and the best value around. Those two things are something we don’t laugh about, our customers satisfaction is of paramount importance as is the quality of the food we serve.     

Feel free to like and follow our Facebook page as well to catch up on our events, cooking tips, instructional cleaning videos, and a firsthand view of what is like to be part of a high functioning food operation. We truly do value community and those who support us so be apart of the experience with us. Thank you for your interest in our page. We look forward to serving you a one of a kind foodtruck experience!  

Why the Burger Bus?

Always fresh ground


All our burgers are fresh ground! We make our burgers from fresh chuck and brisket! No filler here!

Over 30 years of Industry Experience


Owners Ben D'Hulst and Kristy Mahoskey lead the foodtruck market with over 30 years of industry knowledge and expertise.

Great taste for a great price!


Taste what makes our half pound burgers big on taste, not on price!


All Roads lead to here

Las Vegas Bus Run

We bought this bus on ebay nearly 2 years ago. We purchased it from a guy named James from Las Vegas, who had stripped it out and had plans of making it into a retro style RV. He found a badass F-450 PowerStroke that was a pure black 4-door with a 160 gallon gas tank and semi sized wheels shortly after buying the RV.

It was one of those Apocalypse trucks with roll bars and alot of metal plating, it was the ultimate man truck. Luckily that's when he posted the bus we had been checking regularly for several months looking for something different and knew this was it. We waited until about 2 minutes left in the bid and placed my bid about a grand higher than the previous bid. Obviously we won, cheap move but winners do what it takes. We are kidding by the way.

Anyway we packed up and hit the road. We stayed in Vegas for the night. Ben played poker while Kristy indulged in hotel food and watched some hotel TV. Ya, we're kind of boring. In the morning we met with James and he went throught the bus with us. Afterwards he showed us his home which had a door from a vault as his main entrance, a bar right when you walked in and a small billiards room. It was pretty rad. After talking about our plans and show & tell we gave him the check for the bus.

They always say to fake it till you make it. Well Ben had never driven anything like this before, let alone across state lines. So he was definitely faking it. He was scared shitless, the semis were pushing him around through the canyons, it had no plates, and was nerve racking. He had dove into the deep end and just had to suck it up for a long 10 hour drive. The bus has a governor that limited it to 60 MPH for the entire drive, so every semi road his ass until they realized he wasn't going to speed up. No heater in the middle of January wasn't enjoyable either. He made it back home with frozen toes wrapped in T-Shirts and work aprons that were in back seat of our car. Thankfully Kristy followed him back, he couldn't have made the trip with out her!

Fast-forward nearly 2 years and here we are. The bus is completely fabricated with a 10ft hood, 4 ft griddle, 4 fridges, a 40 lb fryer, shelving through out the bus, and 3 generators. It is a fully functional kitchen! We were delighted to hook up with the guys from Envision who came up with this amazing wrap. The work they have put into this has literally transformed this into a modern, yet vintage style bus. It truly is a one of a kind foodtruck that can be seen at your Local lunch spot, Foodtruck rally, or private catering.